Ryan Brown

I joined the faculty of the Department of Radiology at the New York University School of Medicine in 2013. I studied Electrical Engineering at Arizona Sate University, and obtained my PhD from the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in 2009.

I was drawn to MRI at the beginning of my graduate study, where I recognized that MRI brings a unique blend of physics, engineering, and computer science to the patient. At Cornell, I worked on radio frequency coil development, cardiovascular imaging, and quantitative susceptibility mapping. MRI hardware specifically captured my imagination – I love the process of scribbling an idea in a notebook, bringing the idea to life in the lab, and evaluating it in a clinical setting where everything comes together to make fundamental measurements in the body. MRI allows us to complete the entire process in a very short time. It’s very rewarding when we get it right. I’m currently focused on simultaneous proton / “x-nuclei” techniques to acquire functional metabolic information alongside the pretty MRI pictures that we’re accustomed to.

Research Interests

  • Hardware design for optimal phosphorus & sodium MRI

  • Metabolic evaluation in the skeletal muscle using phosphorus MRI

  • Tumor monitoring in breast cancer patients undergoing NACT using sodium MRI

  • High-field (7 Tesla) coil design

  • Pilot tone navigation to track respiratory motion

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